Retaining Wall Builders Cincinnati

Retaining Wall Builders Cincinnati

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Based inย West Chester Township, OH & serving all areas of Cincinnati, we have been providing generations of top quality, local Cincy Retaining Stone Wall Building contractor services for over 30 years.


What Our Customers Say

โ€œGREAT NEW LOOK! They replaced our sixteen year old wood decking and railing with new Timbertech decking and railing. Steve Emmons, project manager, put a lot of effort into making sure that we were happy with the outcome and deck looks great.โ€
โ€œI contacted Building Character for a estimate for a deck. I talked to the owner Jared and set a appointment for him to come out. I was unsure of the deck I wanted to build but he gave me lots of ideas. He was also very knowledgeable.โ€
โ€œMy husband and I hired Jared and were simply amazed by the quality of work that was completed. We were so excited to get the deck we wanted and could AFFORD it! We refer him to all our family and friends! Thank you Jaredโ€

Retaining Wall Builders Cincinnati

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When it comes to protecting your property, few outdoor installations are as effective as a well-built retaining wall.

Retaining Walls can be added to nearly any type or style of property to increase the surrounding landโ€™s safety, look, and durability. A retaining wall can be built to fit a variety of locations:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Outdoor Walkways
  • Water Features & Natural Waterways
  • Parks & Greenways
    …and more!

If you are interested in building a rock or concrete retaining wall on your property, contact Building Character LLC to learn how a team of dedicated and experienced contractors can help.

At Building Character LLC, our team will help you through the entire process of learning what style of rock or concrete retaining wall fits your needs – as well as the

We are Cincinnatiโ€™s most trusted retaining wall contractors. Our resources, tools, and expertise will ensure that your concrete or rock retaining wall is built beyond your expectations.

Donโ€™t trust your property with just anyone. Contact Building Character LLC today to learn more!

Building Your New Retaining Wall
When designing, building, and installing your new rock or concrete retaining wall, there are a variety of aspects to consider:

Type Of Retaining Wall
Both rock and concrete retaining walls offer a variety of benefits depending on the location and purpose of your wall. Your retaining wallโ€™s size, height, and length will depend on your available space and property characteristics.

Retaining Wall Materials
Should you choose rock or concrete for your retaining wall? The answer will depend on your property style, needs, and the look and feel you desire. If you arenโ€™t sure which material to use, the Building Character LLC team will help you decide!

Retaining Wall Installation Cost & Timeline
How long will it take to build my retaining wall, and how much will it cost?

The answer will depend on various factors, from the materials required to the size of your new wall. However, with the right team on your side, you can reduce the interruption and cost of your new retaining wall. The first step? A free estimate!

Ready to get started?

Contact Building Character LLC today to learn more about retaining wall construction.

Breaking Down The Common Types Of Retaining Walls
Property retaining walls will vary in type depending on the factors that go into construction and the purpose of installation. Most retaining walls are built using rock or concrete materials due to the long-lasting and durable outcomes.

Wondering what types of retaining walls are most common? Hereโ€™s a list of the specific retaining wall styles – many of which you have probably seen before:

  • Keystone retaining walls
  • Gravity retaining walls
  • Stone Block retaining walls
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Garden retaining walls
  • Slope retaining walls
  • Cantilever retaining walls
  • Sheet Piling retaining walls
  • Melville retaining walls
  • Graphix retaining walls
  • Highland Stone retaining walls
  • Stackable retaining walls
  • Anchor retaining walls.

Wondering which is right for you? The team at Building Character LLC to learn more about the different retaining wall styles and availability. Our team has helped Cincinnati homeowners install the perfect rock or concrete retaining wall on their property fast!

Can I Replace My Concrete & Rock Retaining Wall?
One question we often receive is โ€œCan I repair an existing retaining wall?โ€

Hereโ€™s the good news: With a skilled concrete and rock retaining wall contractor, you can breathe new life into your existing wall and help protect your property.

Even the most robust rock and concrete retaining walls will face deterioration over time. With age and weather impacts, retaining walls can begin to experiencing shifting, settling, and cracking. If not treated or repaired, you could find yourself with a mess on your hands with leaks and cleanup.

Want to discover if your retaining wall is a candidate for repair?

Contact Building Character LLC to learn how our team of skilled and experienced contractors can rebuild and repair a variety of retaining walls.

Our contractors will work closely with you no matter the damage or disrepair to ensure you enjoy a high-quality, long-lasting retaining wall.

Your Local Cincy Retaining Wall Team
Get Started Now With Building Character LLC – Cincinnati, Ohioโ€™s Rock & Concrete Retaining Wall Experts

Whether you need to build a brand new retaining wall or are interested in repairing an existing wall,
contact Building Character LLC to receive a free consultation. Our team of expert contractors is ready to help.


We provide a wide range of quality Retaining Stone Wall services


See what this homeowner has to say about his new outdoor kitchen installed by Clifrock in just a few hours! His backyard also has a fire pit, Retaining Stone Wall, pool waterfall with a water slide, & a patio all build using the Clifrock process.

Retaining Wall Contractor

You are probably landed here in search of a legitimate wall contractor service. We are proud to announce that we can provide such services for your property. Each of the solutions we provide goes through customization procedures to suit the needs of your property.


However, before you invest in our service, we recommend going through the guide below. It will help you learn more about the nature of our services and the guarantees that we can provide:


Who Are We?

Jared and Jennifer are the owners of Building Character, and we created this company to provide helpful solutions to consumers. Our property management service has over two decades of experience in creating such solutions.


We are one of the country’s leading retaining wall contractors, and we provide specialized retaining walls to suit different projects. Our walls guarantee many years of longevity and quality.


However, the wall’s longevity also depends on various factors such as the groundwater conditions and the soil. It also relates to the conditions at your property and the season of the year.


We have worked through countless retaining wall projects, and we know what it takes to give you value. Regardless of your environmental or operational challenges, you can rely on our team to provide helpful solutions.


What are Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are specialized structures that can support the soil in your property in a lateral position. Such a unique position helps retain the soil in your property at varying levels in two sections. Usually, these walls feature structures that restrain soil on sloppy areas that wouldn’t naturally provide the same stability.


The walls help to bound soils between varying elevations levels, which often exist in terrains of your property with unwanted slopes. The walls are also applicable for areas that require unique shaping and engineering for activities such as farming.


A retaining wall helps to provide a stable barrier for the soil and helps to safeguard the usability of a specific area of your property.


At Building Character LLC, we can provide you with customized retaining wall solutions. We take the correct design and installation procedures to guarantee excellent results. Our team realizes the unique factors that create a good wall, such as gravity, the angle, and lateral earth pressure.


Our Guarantees

Below are some of the service guarantees we provide when you place an order for our services:


Fast Responses

We know consumers’ value behind a professional team that can answer customer requests fast. It’s the reason why we have a dedicated team of staff members available to address your queries.


We recommend you give us a direct phone call to speak directly to a customer support member. You can also send us our contractors an email if you have any feedback or queries about our service.


Professional Staff Members

An essential aspect of our service is highly professional staff members. They go through extensive training, and we pre-select them based on specific factors. Some of these factors include their work ethic, experience, and professionalism.


Using this approach ensures that you are sure your property is always in the hands of reliable individuals. With such a unique team, each retaining wall project we handle comes with satisfaction guarantees.

We are only eligible for payment once the client is satisfied with the results. Our team is also available for follow-up procedures and free consultation for retaining wall management needs.


Affordable Service Packages

We have various pocket-friendly solutions available for you to consider when investing in retaining walls. Each service package we provide comes from several hours of consultation of years of research.


While the prices of our services are prone to change, we strive to make them affordable each time. Our team will provide you with free estimates or quotations for each project. We do this to help you make better decisions about the retaining wall services you might require.


Over Two Decades of Experience

You should realize the importance of choosing an experienced service provider for your property management needs. Having worked in the consumer market for many years, we have various customer requirements and needs.


The immense data and customer experiences we have collected over the years make us a reliable solution for your needs. The track record we have acquired throughout these years helps convert your retaining wall dreams into a reality.


Diverse Professional Skills

Aside from retaining walls, there are various other solutions that we can provide for your property management needs. The ability to be dynamic in providing services is one of the main reasons we provide value to consumers.


Each team member in our company specializes in a different field, but they all work together. In this way, each of the projects always produces outstanding results. Some of the services in our list of diverse professional skills include:


Fence contractor services. We provide you with high-quality and secure fences for your property.


Outdoor bars. We can also create outdoor bars to enjoy beverages and even host parties.


Wood deck construction. Our team sources high-end wood products to help create customized decks.


Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Our team also specializes in creating custom and specialized cooking areas.


Regulatory Approved and Certified Company

It’s vital for you to continually invest in a legitimate and legally recognized service provider for each of your projects. Such reasons are why we have a regulatory approved and certified company.


The state of Ohio and the city of Cincinnati recognizes our business, and we have also gone through all the regulator measures needed to run a construction facility.


Our team also has the certifications and training needed to provide meaningful solutions to consumers. We ensure each staff member goes through the training so that your projects always produce the correct results.


As you have noticed, there is more to choosing a retaining wall contractor service than the average person expects.


We at Building Character LLC provide you with such solutions and more.


Give us a call today to get free estimates for your retaining wall contractor project.

With a wide range of Retaining Stone Wall services available, and hundreds of satisfied clients, we pride ourselves on being the premier, Cincinnati, Retaining Stone Wall Contractors available in your area.ย  Our Retaining Stone Wall contractors are highly trained, professional and dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest workmanship possible and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

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Don’t risk your outdoor Retaining Stone Wall with shoddy workmanship or unethical practices.ย  Call the Cincinnati Retaining Stone Wall contractors your friends and neighbors have been trusting their home’s Retaining Stone Walls, kitchens & decks with since 1992.

How Building Character LLCโ€™s Construction Loan Financing Can Turn Your Outdoor Living Installation Project Dreams into A Reality

Buying and renovating a home is expensive as it is, which can make the thought of affording another home installation project intimidating. Here is a piece of good news for homeowners: It is possible to build a dreamy outdoor space for your home without breaking the bank. Experienced home construction businesses can connect homeowners to the tools to finance their dream project.

Find a Business That Wants to See You Succeed
When choosing a business to partner with for a home construction project, such as the renovation of an outdoor living space, you will find the most success if you invest in a business that is excited to invest in you. Building Character, for example, is a family-owned and operated business with over 28-years of experience serving the community and helping customers create amazing outdoor living space memories with friends and family. What sets Building Character apart is the way they treat customers like members of their family, offering the advice and showing the respect they would to a loved one.

Find a Business That Wants to Make Your Project Affordable
Building Characterโ€™s commitment to customers is evidenced by their financial transparency. For Building Character, it is not about making money by completing construction projects. It is about empowering customers to achieve their renovation goals by providing them with the opportunity for financing and the resources to help customers fully understand what financing means. Above all else, Building Characterโ€™s goal is to make every customerโ€™s outdoor living project a great success that is as affordable as possible. To this end, Building Character LLC has partnered with Hearth to help customers find financing options that best suit their needs.

Building Characterโ€™s Construction Loan Financing Partnership with Hearth
Hearth is a technology company that works with contractors like Building Character to help customers find competitive home improvement financing options, allowing Building Character to provide attractive promotional financing offers. Building Character understands that different households face different challenges when it comes to securing financing for their home improvement project. For this reason, Building Character offers financing options as unique as each customer, removing the barriers a low credit score or tight budget can create. Certain projects require more work than others, and in turn, carry higher costs and a larger budget. By financing with Hearth and Building Character, customers can be extended a high credit limit to fully fund their project or supplement their existing budget.

What Hearth Has to Offer
Building Character partnered with Hearth to make funding outdoor home construction projects as quick and simple as possible. Customers can fill out a fast online application and receive funding within 1 to 3 days. Financing options include loans ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 over a loan period of 2 to 12 years, providing the necessary funding for projects of virtually all sizes. Customers benefit from the affordable monthly loan payments, allowing them to make the most of their new space without tapping into their home equity. Hearth works by matching homeowners to competitive personal loan options across several leading finance partners. The prequalification process is simple, taking less than two minutes. With no prepayment penalties and no home equity required, homeowners looking to build something amazing have nothing to lose and countless memories made outside with friends, family, and loved ones to gain.

Building Character LLC specializes in building unique outdoor living features of all shapes, sizes, and tastes. You can learn more about financing the outdoor living installation project of your dreams by contacting the dedicated team at Building Character LLC.